Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Change, submission by Doris Battle

Dear Sparkling Goat -

In the mass e-mail we received from the lovely Nayeon, it mentions 'change' as the theme of this edition - and it mentions, in topics, the SIT atmosphere without the MATs on campus.

I want to touch on this.

Let's face it - the PIMs and the MATs very rarely ever spend time together, so I doubt that the PIMs are aching with need for the MATs to come back and be around. There were only a handful of the few MATs on campus that fraternized with the PIMs anyway. Beyond that, only some of us are gone - there are still the certification students on campus, as well as RAs that were unable to travel. Because there are so few of us to begin with (under 30), I sincerely think that the SIT atmosphere hasn't changed much without the MATs around, and why should it? Not that the MATs are not an essential part of the SIT community, they are - but really, how much of SIT life depends on MATs being available? Our small community at SIT is close, but not close enough that the PIMs are feeling the loss of people they see perhaps at meal times or at the library on occasion.

These are just a few of my thoughts - I would, honestly, be completely surprised if among the PIMs there was a general feeling of, "Oh, how I wish those spunky MATs were here!"

Your Peer

Doris Battle
Well-loved MAT 42 ;)

Miss ya'll!


  1. Doris! We miss MATs definitely...

  2. Well! I know they are aching for me and missing my presence everyday. Maybe more MATS need to do a better job being seen and not just hiding in our rooms. It certainly goes both ways.

    Love, Katie Homer's #1 fan