Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Word from the Editor

Greetings from the Sparkling Goat! We have almost reached the halfway point in the semester, the leaves are falling, and the Halloween dance is upon us! I am very pleased to present the 2011-2012 newspaper for current SIT students. I hope to use this space for all current students to have the opportunity to share stories, concerns, questions, and just be creative. The SG is for current students and will not be advertised to non-SIT students. So please think of the SG as a safe zone where we can be honest and have a good time :). I plan on updating weekly or bi-weekly instead of monthly in order to have the information flowing as much as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to post something, anything goes! (well, almost anything...) I look forward to a fabulous year with everyone! Good luck with class, readings, papers, and being awesome! ヨロシクね!-Ashley

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