Sunday, November 27, 2011

Interview with some Chipmunks

Soccer season may be over but we will never forget all those awesome Saturdays spent at the soccer field cheering on our favorite Chipmunks! Well played guys. Well played.

How does it feel to play for a team as awesome as the SIT Chipmunks?
Emily M.: "Wicked fun!"
Lynn Butler: "Painful...look at my toe! It's fun and a big stress reliever cause I can be aggressive and kick some balls."
Nick Cream: "I feel privileged, honored to be around a group of devoted yet peaceful and respectful human beings."
Darrick Ryser: "Honored. It's going to really further my career goals."
Ryan Kelly: "Really helps with my experiential learning."

About the team...
Emily: "Great leadership. Coach is inspirational."
Lynn: "Never played before but the team is supportive, despite my limited soccer skills."
Nick: "I feel that this is the most fun team I've been a part of and the most dedicated to social justice."
Darrick: "Could go all the way."
Ryan: "The team is very accepting and fun."

How did it feel to make a goal?
Darrick: "Feels like a nice Sam Adams in my hand."
Ryan: "Feels really exciting."

How did it feel to ALMOST make a goal?
Lynn: "It was very exciting and I'm going to try harder. Solomon said he spoke with the oracle and it will happen next game."
Nick: "Feels magnificent. Just being on the field makes me happy." 

How does it feel to ride back on the SIT van from away games?
Lynn: "We stop and get ice cream and have photo shoots at scenic overlooks."
Darrick: "Uncomfortable because some teammates stick things in the ventilation system."
Ryan: "Hot and full of beer."

Does it stink?
Emily: "No. I sit next to the window..."
Nick: "A little bit smelly. But at the same time, full of excitement and wonder and song."

Why did you join?
Emily: "It's fun and you can hang out with people you don't normally see."

Lynn: "I'm playing soccer because one day when I met Landon Donovan, I can tell him I played in grad school."
Nick: "Mostly because I love soccer and Momo."
Darrick: "For chicks."
Ryan: "I enjoy playing sports and it's a great group to hang out with."

What are your inspirations and how do you handle conflict on the field?
 Emily: "Two words: Danny Maxwell. (as for conflict on the field) Throw some bows. I flirt with the other team to distract them."
Lynn: "Coach Danny! and the Chipmunks! Chipmunks!! (as for conflict on the field) I run away. And smile real big and bat my eyelashes. Or say I'm new at soccer."
Nick: "Conflict...I usually try to use dialogue to solve it.  Inspiration...comes largely from my teammates."
Darrick: "Nikoi."
Ryan: "I handle it how Darrick would. What would Darrick do."

What does the future of soccer hold for you?
Emily: "Complete domination...and world peace."
Lynn: "Contract to play professionally for millions of dollars. To play for DC United...the Men's team."
Nick: "The world cup!"
Darrick: "A nice nest egg."
Ryan: "Good laughs, good exercise, and a good hangover."
Darrick: "Awesome hangovers."

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