Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tick Season is Here!

Hi Everyone. As you know, the weather is beautiful and we couldn't be happier. BUT there have been recent sightings of deer ticks....A LOT of deer ticks. So in order to protect ourselves, let's be aware!

Facts about deert ticks:

  • They love warm, humid climates. This past winter was especially that so their numbers will be up! 
  • They carry Lyme Disease. If you are bitten, send the tick in for testing. More info on how to do that below.
  • They are attracted to dark clothing. Wear light colors when walking through the woods.

Click here for some first aid tips from the Mayo Clinic.
If you find a tick on you, brush it off outside or flush it. If it's ATTACHED, pull it off carefully with tweezers or use a lit match (blow it out first) to have the tick detach itself. 

IMPORTANT: if the tick bit you, save the tick and bring it to your doctor for testing.

Facts about Lyme Disease

Here is what deer ticks look like....

Remember, have someone do a tick check when you come back from outside!

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