Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Advice by Rachel

Rachel Mason
Advice Columnist

Need creative, funky solutions to all your daily dramas? Submit your woes to the new advice column! Be it your suitemate’s grunting noises at 2am, your empty bank account, or a certain SIT sweetie, send it in! Submissions can be printed anonymously, and can be goofy, serious, somber, kinky (what?!), bizarre, miserable… you get it-ANYTHING!
So write in to


  1. Dear, Rachel

    How can I befriend the spider residents that bite me when I sleep? Is there a peace offering available to me or must I wage war?
    Spider Woman

  2. Thank you for your question! Rachel is ready to start answering questions for our new advice column, but I'm afraid we cannot respond to any anonymous questions. Please send all questions to
    If you wish, we can omit your name when the question and advice are published, but we must know the student sending in the question.
    Thanks again for your question! Keep them coming and feel free to send us an email!