Wednesday, October 20, 2010

End of Chipmunks' Undefeated Streak

Katie Behan-Homer

The SIT Chipmunks experienced their first loss Saturday, October 16 against the Putney Men's League. Assistant Coach Florian Rexhipi scored the Chipmunks' only goal, leaving the final score 5-1.
"Usually after a team's first loss they come back even more focused," said Rexhipi. "I expect all the Chipmunks to pull together for our next game."
Despite the loss, Chipmunk fans were still present and not at all discouraged. "This doesn't change my support for the team," said Becky Spacheck. "You could tell the Chipmunks put a lot of effort into the game. I am looking forward to the next game, I and believe in our team!"

Season highlights:
First game: 1-1 tie, Chipmunks versus Bennington, home
Second game: 3-0 Chipmunks versus Bennington, away
Third game: 4-1 Chipmunks versus Marlboro, away
Forth game: 3-1 Putney versus Chipmunks, home

For more information on the Chipmunks follow their link on the left.

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