Friday, March 18, 2011

How can I be happy...?, submission by Edwige

How can I be happy …?

My heart is made of sadness, pain, suffering,
And empathy for millions of people who are dying in the world
Of hunger, injustice, violence, disease, and poverty.

My heart is made of tears, hunger and thirst
For equity and social justice for these people;
My heart cannot be happy in this cruel world.

How can I be happy in a world
Where exploitation, injustice, crimes, racism are the rules?
How can I be happy in an inhuman world
Where some people are spreading hatred,
And killing thousands of people for their personal interests?

How can I be Happy when thousands of people
In Haiti, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Palestine, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Liberia …
Are reduced to the most appalling poverty and misery?
How can I be happy in a fucking world like this
When some people compel others to live
In unbearable conditions that are worse
Than some animals’ living conditions?

How can I be happy
When we do not want to stand up against that
Because of pride and fear of losing privileges?
How can I be happy
When I think that we are fighting for the same cause,
But you have your own agenda to dehumanize the world?

How can I be happy? Please, tell me!

Edwige Vilbrun

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  1. Edwige - this poem touches me deeply. Thank you for getting this out there.